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It is difficult for new writers to break into the publishing world especially when they present manuscripts to publishers/agents that haven't been refined as much as possible. This is where manuscript assessments can help you get published.

A manuscript assessment provides you with an objective analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript and assists you in improving your work. This will greatly increase the chances of your manuscript being published.

The manuscript assessment will cover areas such as characterisation, plot, setting, dialogue, pace, tone and style. If your manuscript is of a high standard then a recommendation letter for publishers/agents will also be provided.

The assessor has years of experience writing for various markets, Teen Freaks: Red Eyes (teenage), Wally Wombat: A Tasty Way To Go (childrens) and The Essence Of Violet (adult). You can read the short story The Essence of Violet by clicking here. The assessor has been assessing manuscripts since 2003 and has worked with published and unpublished authors.

Angel Wings does not provide editing services (i.e. spelling, grammar punctuation etc.).

Angel Wings assesses fiction from all genres such as children's, young adult, adult, science fiction, fantasy, romance, crime, etc.

The cost for an assessment is based on its length. All assessments have a base fee of $70AUD and an additional charge is added to this depending on the length of the manuscript. For example:


500 words
10,000 words
30,000 words
60,000 words
80,000 words


A quote for your specific manuscript will be provided giving the cost and estimated time frame for the assessment to be completed.


Manuscripts can be submitted via an email attachment. The document can be in any common document format such as OpenOffice Writer format, Adobe PDF, or Microsoft Word.

Alternatively you can submit your manuscript in hard copy form. Just indicate you wish to do so and the postal address will be provided (Angel Wings is based in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia).

You don't have to send your manuscript to get a quote. Just email the relevant information i.e. name of manuscript, number of words, and type of fiction. Payment options will also be given based on your location. Australian residents can pay via cheque, money order, direct wire transfer or PayPal. International customers can pay via the PayPal service only.

To have your manuscript assessed please contact


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